Not Currently in a Relationship
In a Relationship
I value my independence
It is easier for me to think through things than to express my emotions 
Developing relationships is a strong value of mine and I sometimes lose myself in others’ needs 
I'm often attracted to emotionally unavailable people 
I am often unsure of how to create connection in relationships and I feel on the outside of my friend groups
I often second guess myself and allow others to make decisions
I believe that when push comes to shove I am the only person I can rely on to get things done
I take pride in my self-sufficiency and sometimes am resentful of others needing support
I wear my emotions on my sleeve and often use my emotion to guide my decisions
I worry that others judge me for needing help and support
I find it difficult to set boundaries and often end up apologizing when I do 
Conversations high in emotion are difficult for me
It’s difficult for me to ask for help
I often give more in relationships than I receive
It is easy for me to attain and maintain a close group of friends
I work well in groups and on my own
It is easy for me to recognize and communicate my emotions and needs
When I am upset I know there are people I can reach out to for support
I rarely experience low moods or have high anxiety
When others are upset I am able to support them without being strongly impacted by their emotions